Celtic Shamanism: Restoration of
Soul Shrine and the Land

Fri. Oct. 6 - Sun. Oct. 8

Solomon Brook Farm, Farmington, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

The path of Celtic shamanism, well travelled by our ancestors, is calling us Home. Part of our practise is learning to protect our own souls and that of the earth.

The personal restoration of your body to your soul involves shapeshifting, singing, dreaming, journeying, & creating an understanding of celtic knots and spirals that express pathways back to the soul. The ultimate soul restoration is with the land itself. At Solomon Brook Farm we will experience the many Celtic ways that not only restore us personally but work with the guardian spirits that are gate keepers to other realms.

Brighid, as Earth Protector, is one of the guardians of the tradition, as well as Angus Og, the divine ancestor who lives in his "palace" at Newgrange, Ireland. Brighid, the goddess who transmigrated into a Christian saint, is always called in as our guide for Traveller's Joy. The hosts of Solomon Brook, Lloyd and Helga, are keepers of her sacred flame and the hearth of Brighid. Angus is the protector of ensouled sites, and provides a place for transition from Death to Rebirth in other realms: Solomon Brook is a place where the veils between the worlds are similarly thin.

We will be going to places on the land where there are portals to the Celtic Otherworld, including the lovely Lantz Falls. Get your faery bells on, because the woods are full of the fay and the Shining Ones are present! The meaning of Celtic symbolism will be revealed, we will learn to protect our life's soul shrine, meet soul friends and help restore the soul of our troubled earth.

Nancy Sherwood and Brenda Marita Mason are joined by David Cameron, Lori Folkins and Jeff Smyth as we 5 create a pentacle of protection for us, for the farm, and for the planet.


Payment option
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Price for the workshop is $350.00. A $75.00 deposit is required by September 19th and the remainder is due on the day of the workshop.

See information about accommodation below.


Please contact Brenda Mason by email or phone to register or for further details on the workshop. You can reach her at:

, (506) 435-0023.


To sign up for food and/or accommodation for the workshop please contact Helga and Lloyd at Solomon Brook Farm, or 902 644 1985.

People have several options for accommodation. All of these options are dependent on availability as people sign up and we get closer to the workshop. If you are wanting to extend your stay past the workshop, please let us know and we can arrange meals and accommodation for this.

1) Rustic: We have built out a separate insulated co - ed dorm room with electricity for heating. It has 5 beds. It is built to the side of our loft space in the barn where the workshop will take place. The entrance door accesses the workshop space and one door/window opens out for a view of the hilly fields across the road.

  • $15 a night for a bed (bring your own bedroll).
  • $20 a night for a bed (linens provided).

Access to two outdoor composting/humanure toilets and wash stand outside. Bathroom facilities with flush toilet, sinks and bathtub/shower also accessible at the farm house. (close to the barn)

2) Tenting: People also have the option of tenting for $15 per night. We provide the space only.

3) The Old Rustic Farmhouse: We have three rooms. Two upstairs and one downstairs.

a) Single Privacy room

  • $25 per night. (bring your own bedroll)
    $30 per night (Linens provided).

b) Willing to share a kingsize bed.

  • Shared bed - $12.50 per night per person. (bring your own bedroll)
  • Shared bed - $15.00 per night per person (Linens provided)

The farmhouse has one bathroom upstairs and two bathrooms with tub/shower downstairs

4) Billeting: We have a number of neighbors in the area who are willing to host people during the workshop. We will arrange for rides if needed to and from the workshop for people being billeted in the area.

a) Privacy Room

  • Single Privacy Room - $25 per night (bring your own bedroll)
  • Single Privacy Room - $30 per night (Linens provided)

b) Shared Room

  • Shared bed - $12.50 per night per person (bring your own bedroll)
  • Shared bed - $15.00 per night per person (Linens provided)


We will be offering meat, vegetarian and gluten free options. Please indicate your needs when signing up.

People can sign up for some or all meals. Meals provided will be for Saturday breakfast, lunch and supper and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

  • Breakfast - $8
  • Lunch - $10
  • Supper - $15

People can bring their own food, (brown bag it as we say) or shop in town to pick up supplies. Mader's is our corner store just 2 minutes up the road, but it is only a corner store. The New Germany Freshmart is a good grocery store that is a 13 minute drive away. Bridgewater (30 minutes away) is the major shopping centre. There will be a fridge available for people to store food items if needed.

Coffee and Tea will be provided during the duration of the workshop. Donations gladly accepted.

Please also see Nancy Dancing Light's article on Celtic Shamanism.