“Nancy's presence in my life has been a remarkable sweet spiritual support...”- Gina, Wales

Nancy is a fantastic teacher and this will be a beautiful time of healing and celebration. YEAH!

~ LB

Nancy's teachings and David's wisdom are a must... must be there, must benefit from them. To be near them, to have the opportunity to listen to what they teach inspire me to be a better soul, every time I have the chance to be near them. I highly recommend their teaching and wisdom.


I met Nancy last year at a Moving Mandala course she offered, her powerful yet gentle guidance of showing ones truths, carrying me into the magical omniscience of creation and connecting to the abundant potential within and around us has been one of the most life altering experiences I've had. I am so pleased shes coming, this is such a wonderful opportunity I'm taking full advantage of!


Nancy on the Hill of Tara in Ireland dancing, totally 'into' her own space, weaving and playing the threads of place and time and yet also totally 'with' the world was one moment when we saw someone in their own space and yet not disengaged from their surroundings. Nancy was showing us by her example possibilities and opportunities of how 'to be' in this world. Working with the wheel and symbolism, as Nancy does on this course, is one way, one tool, for accessing the spirituality so many are seeking in these times.

~ NJ

This course opened up a well of wisdom for me. Nancy & David's guidance & teachings went beyond the scopes of every day life to the world of spirit, magick and truth! Connecting with ourselves, each other and nature in deep and ancient ways brought true joy and gifts well beyond the veil. I highly recommend their teaching and passion for all things Celtic!

~ Melanie M

Working with Nancy since 2007 has been an incredible journey of deep process and transformation.  She is a weaver of mind, body and soul and provides a unique map to go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary realms of inner knowing, reminding us of our sacred contracts. Her ability to create a safe container and hold the space with integrity, compassion and for the greater good allows individuals to express themselves openly and creatively and to access their full potential, which is both empowering and nourishing. Her work is a gift and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Nancy is a special lady who works from the Heart. Had the pleasure of holding cermony with her last year in Ireland. Words cannot really explain, but include love, laughter, insight and creating sacred space for inner knowing and you are on the right track.

~ Anne N

You dear Nancy are a true inspiration and your levels of commitment shine like a bright star.

~ Zoe Hudson, Devon

Thank you Nancy for your incredible ability to contain so much for all of us and your facilitation and the immense amount of planning and organising you did to make the pilgrimage actually manifest, what an acheivement to hold this vision and deal with all the pieces of the jigsaw and all the different personalities of the people involved with all our needs and stories and THANK you for your belief in me being able to drive an automatic car for the first time in my life in Ireland, that was a major achievement for me.
I feel very privileged to have been part of Reclaiming the Dragon Path and to have experienced different chakras and understand how they all link within myself, the land and the bigger picture. I am deeply grateful for my connection to my past lives which enabled me to understand the suffering of women in particular, and the need to heal ourselves fully on an ongoing basis in order to be strong enough and compassionate enough and brave enough to help the oceans, forests, trees, mountains, rivers and woods, to sing the lifeblood back to the land, to dance dreams of the children and the future of this planet and to share stories by the fire in community.

~ Sue-Claire Morris

Wales – Land of My Fathers and the Red Dragon, or in my case Land of My Mothers. I joined this part of the pilgrimage to honour my Celtic heritage and in particular to acknowledge and celebrate my mother who passed on some years ago and my Welsh matriarchal line.

It was a joy and privilege to join other women on this journey, to feel their support and love, their kinship and sisterhood as we travelled together learning of each other’s stories. Sometimes the journey was challenging as comfort zones were breached, and other times smooth as we chatted or sat in the sun picnicking. We visited wonderful places - ancient stone sites, legendary waterfalls, secret wooded valleys, tumbling streams and even dragon inhabited castles, places where the spirits were close. We listened to their voices, joined them in their lamenting, sung with them in joy, touched the earth, drummed, danced, and celebrated our connections and reconnections.

At Pentre Ifan we created a drumming ritual around the chambered tomb, where Nancy invited us one by one to enter and join her. I slid through the crack into the dark cauldron where Cerridwen waited. Through the veil I met the Crone, embraced her and saw her hands become my mother’s hands, which held and cradled me. For a moment time stood still and I danced in that space between the worlds as Crone. Mother and Child. It was a profound experience to feel that all embracing, unconditional mother love again.

Another aspect of the Mother was revealed to me at St Nun’s Wells in St David’s. We came together to be cleansed in the waters of this sacred well. We moved through the cycle of being the priestess, supplicant and supporter learning to give, to receive, to hold and to let go. As the water was sprinkled in the rite of blessing, its crystal droplets shimmered with light shining all around us and from us.

Returning home the pilgrimage continues to unfold. By acknowledging my own mother and walking her homeland in pilgrimage, I found a reconnection with the perpetual places of the earth spirit.  I realised that by coming together as a community of women, we had in some way evoked the primordial Feminine who is both Dark and Light.  I sense she was experienced in different forms for each of us as needed and that an initiation has taken place. I am beginning to enter into the mysteries of her dark spaces. There I see the wild and creative Dragon energy of the Feminine dancing and re-emerging to offer healing and rebirth for ourselves and the earth whenever we remember, honour and nurture Her. 

~ Tina Cockett

Arran / Scotland in 2005

One participant wrote:

What a terrific group we were. I never laughed, sang, danced and cried so much in the same week in my life, not to mention all the circle sharing and meals. Thank you for being the kind of group where that was safe to happen.

The group energy again, but in the sense of "raising the energy" wherever we went. Dowsing in a pub. Dancing in the street. Having one customs agent playing with my (toy) moo cow while the other x-rayed my bag. I had on occasion seen the EarthSea folks do this during my visits to Nova Scotia but this was my first time to experience it from inside the circle. Our energy was very strong during ceremonies also, and although I don't have a direct perception of it I have no doubt we also injected energy into Arran, helped to wake the Celtic dragon that the earth needs at this time.

Another step toward realizing the reality of spirit, the protective opening to learning offered by correct ceremony and the need to have a practice of some kind to make progress.

Deep gratitude to Nancy and Maria for their sharing leadership, taking on the logistics, working with the energies and spirits, monitoring the group , taking care of me, all of which let me live the experience fully.

David S.

Another participant wrote:

The air is filled with life. Salt of the sea. Earthy animal scent of sheep. Freshness of spring grass.

We walk joyfully down a lane lined with hawthorn trees. They are a magic tree. Their trunks and branches intertwine like lovers. My whole being feels like skipping with this colourful lot of travellers. I feel home. I feel child. I feel family. I feel adventure. Giggles.

We are taken in a short space of time over several varied terrains, each creating its own unique mood. The playful, inviting lane, the expansive rolling meadow, the prickly, grabbing raspberry caned edge of the fairy dell, rocky wind-swept cliffs, finally, the haunting beach.

We decide as a group where we will open our circle, drum for each other in support of our visit to the fairy glen.

Somehow we decide. It is here. There is no mistake. I do not see it straight away, but learn later there is a huge dragon turned to stone emerging from the ocean, there in front of us. Our protection. Our reminder.

Each one of our group is invited to take the journey down the beach, up the fairy glen and to open to the experience of this visit while the rest of the group holds the energy in support by drumming and dancing. While at the glen, one of our guides stays by the portal to the place, ensuring safety, protection.

All of this was hard work. Delightful, uplifting work. But, hard work.

On the beach in the circle, I was told to look down and at my feet found a small crystal the size of a little pea. I was then led out onto the stone dragon. I was told that the dragons want to be remembered and recognized. How sad it is to be so grand and be forgotten. I lay down on the rock of this dragon and felt warmth as if he were alive. Was he my former lover? I felt deep peace, joy, connection. Even, dare I say, sexual excitement. I looked down and saw many more crystals being held by this stone-dragon ... just like the one found on the beach that led me there.

Later, when it was my turn to make the journey into the fairy glen, I tied on the 5 fairy charms that had been created by women and children in Nova Scotia to be taken to Scotland as offerings. I ran down the beach with these colourful banners streaming from my back, just about where my fairy wings attach.

In the glen, I am struck by the deep quiet, the magic. I am struck by the raspberry canes that want to grab me and take me down, tempt me to stay there. Lush green, waterfall. Magic, luscious place.

I hang the fairy charms about the place taking delight in the connection that is being made.

I dip into the waters, splashing, dripping.

When I leave, the guide offers me something in the physical from that space. It is a tiny rock with the clear depiction as if painted of a red dragon.

This is my medicine.

Sarah M.

Scotland and Ireland, Maid, Mother, Crone pilgrimage, 2004

The following is an eyewitness account trom the mother of Maya, whose name is Merav, who came with us on the 2004 Maid, Mother, Crone pilgrimage to Scotland and Ireland. Her "testimony" is that the trip gave her a basis of work for the next several years so that she is emerging now as someone with a program in her daughter's school, having done both the pilgrimage and the Mandala wth me. About the Mandala, which she has been connecting to both long distance and by visitng our session on Feb. 16/08:

"It was nice to be in touch today, feeling [ the connection] energetically and knowing my sisters are working through their growth process with you. I can feel from here how many gifts each is taking home with her."

Merav saw this part of the trip as a soul remembering, of having done this before. She describes me being led by spirit after we did offerings to the land, and Carla taking off to follow, with Merav and Maya coming behind us.

With her maid who was able to catch up and with a young mother far behind with a little child, she [Nancy as crone] climbed straight up. She knew where she was going though there was no specific path, sometimes climbing on top of rocks and sometimes straight up.  It was wet and gray, drizzling continuously, We slipped and fell on the uncut grass. It never slowed her down, she kept on going faster and faster in silence, never looking back. It was so quiet around. I dashed my feet on the rocks and followed behind, wet boots and wet long skirt, with my child wrapped in cloth in my arms.

With every step I made I felt I was going back in time... I was remembering when I walked on this wet grass before... With only hills around and us four -  maid, mother, crone and child - I felt as if time was taking me back, back to walking those hills... only that then, it was only me and my child...almost bare... the same draft... the same chill... "keep on walking" ... "I must keep walking"... slipping in the mud... wet, tired & cold caring my child, determined... knowing there is no other way. "I must protect her from the elements"..."my little child"..."I must keep on walking"...I drift back.  She [the crone] stopped. A narrow hole opened in the ground surrounded with rocks, and water streamed beneath it like a little creek. A little stream of water washes down, deep into the the belly of the mother: that is where the crone needed to be... She stopped and collapsed... She cuddled by the hole...  She allows her tears to fall, to wash down like the little stream, for the healing she needed. experiencing one more time what she was so longing  for...by coming to the grounds of her mom, the clan mother and the earth mother as one, to cradle back in her embracing arms.

That is where, with no one else around but a maid, mother, crone, and a child, in a  journey which never ends...started one more time.

The hills of Ireland - 1st day of Donegal journey - spring 2004.

Merav Levand