Traveller's Joy on Turtle Island

See Nova Scotia with Spirit!

Traveller's Joy is based in Nova Scotia, Canada, a beautiful province with a population under 1 million.

Inhabited by the native  Miq'maq, visited by Vikings, "settled" by  Germans, English, French and displaced Africans, this little seabound gateway to "Turtle Island" (North America) has a rich cultural history and continues to draw diverse and fascinating people to her shores.

If you wish to visit Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage, TJ can arrange tours around:

  • shamanism & shamanic tools, e.g. drum-making, etc.
  • ceremony & ritual, e.g. sweatlodge, marriage, etc.
  • sacred sites
  • ecologically friendly building, e.g. straw bale homes
  • sustainable practices in gardening & forestry
  • demonstrations of conscious lifestyle choices
  • sacred gardens, altars and medicine wheels
  •  more!

Sacred Nova Scotia - A Sense of Place workshop schedule

Shamanic Convergence Conference in Nova Scotia

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