Helga Gruner & Lloyd Klassen

Stewards of Solomon Brook Farm, Nova Scotia

Helga Gruner

My path as a healer started early on in life. I grew up with a mother who was not well and suffered a great deal. Although medical science made life livable for my mother and our family, the medical world was able to help her only to a limited degree, managing her symptoms but unable to identify and address the cause of her suffering. Being exposed to her pain day by day created in me a deep desire to find ways of healing that pain. I was convinced that there must be more and was dete            rmined to find it.

In my late teenage years I started to learn about new healing modalities, not just addressing the physical body, but emotions, mind and spirit. I immediately had a natural affinity and love for working with energy and I have pursued it ever since in many different forms.

In my early twenties I began working as a translator for mediums, healers and spiritual teachers from England, developing links with the Spiritualist tradition there. This was the start of a whole new direction in my life and it began a journey that has led me on an exciting, unique and often challenging path. While pursuing alternative approaches to healing, I became keenly aware of my own mental and emotional patterns without knowing their roots. So what began as a desire to bring healing to others, became my own journey of healing as well. The desire to bring about my own healing as well as bringing healing to others has led me to study a wide variety of healing modalities - especially in the field of energy work - the most important being Core and Cellular Transformational Healing through the work of Ger Lyons,  Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho),  Pranic Healing and reflexology.

I have always felt a  deep connection with the natural world and have been aware of the healing power of nature from early on. I have studied herbs, and learnt about wild edible plants as well as  some wilderness survival skills. I am excited to find uses for plants that have been forgotten in our mainstream world.  Nature inspires me, calms me, overwhelms me with gratitude for her abundance and beauty and I carry a great desire to share this love and respect for nature with others. Since my travels to Ireland in 2012 and a deeper immersion in  the Celtic tradition as well as the purchase of 'our' land in 2013, this connection has deepened even more.

Through all these varied experiences I have gained a much clearer sense of myself and what I am about. In very simple terms I am a teacher and a highly intuitive channel of healing energy, a guide to what lies hidden and blocks us from health and aliveness in all aspects of our self - body, emotions, mind and spirit. It is my deepest desire to share this.

Helga's website: helgagruner.com

Lloyd Klassen

I was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1965, into a large Mennonite family. Being Mennonite has shaped my awareness, and the way I approach the world to a significant degree. Mennonites are a deeply committed community, putting their faith first before all things. For Mennonites, their is no separation between their religion and their everyday life. Religion was not something just for Sundays. Fundamentally I think that what my growing up instilled in me, or perhaps better put, kept alive in me, was the yearning to go deeper. To seek God or Spirit first, above all things and in all things. This constant seeking has been a driving force in my life. Growing up in a family of 8 kids meant for constant lively and often intense meal time conversations, largely on the topic of religion. This restless searching also led me to study philosophy and religion in University.

Although I treasure my time at university and the more academic approach to understanding "the nature of things", a deep restlessness always remained - a conflict between the conclusions my mind was coming to and what my heart longed for. It was in the midst of working on a paper on Immanuel Kant that I discovered Rudolf Steiner and this has been a fundamental force that has shaped my life since. Here I began to find a way to bring the head and the heart back together.

After graduating I had a decision to make of what to do now. I leapt out of philosophy and turned to art - carving and sculpting. Somehow I connected to something deep in me when carving and sculpting. This too has been a fundamental force to this day.

Although in many ways, the way I live out my connection to Spirit is very different than the way I was taught, the drive to seek it has not changed. It has led me into very different spiritual practices, personal growth and expansion and a way of expressing myself that is very different from the community that I grew up in, yet the longing to experience spirit in everything has not changed. It has led me to discover mystical traditions and practices, deep Celtic and Shamanic connections, the spiritual teachings of Barry Long, and in the last 8 years to train under the Irish healer Ger Lyons in Core and Cellular transformation. It has given me the strength to listen to the call of Spirit and of this land, and it has brought us here, at this time, to this place and join in a new adventure of helping to shape a new community, one that is deeply connected to the land, to the people and to the spirit - which are all the same thing in different forms of expression.

Above all else, the deepest influence in my life has been and continues to be my wife Helga, who is herself a very powerful channel and healer, and also my two very different and very beautiful children, Akhush and Jonathan.

Lloyd's website: Klassen Fine Woodworking

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