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Poem by Margot Greenfield

Margot was a Moving Mandala participant, November 2011

Sage Dancer!
Come Illuminate me with our Wisdom
Pipe Smoker!
Weave me a Tale of our being
Stroke my hair with your Dragon's breath,
And make me a figure of your Speech

Dream Drummer!
Drum me a dream of my past and future
Snake Woman!
Share me an Understanding
Take me where I didn't want to go.
And show me the Beauty of its Fear

Hand Holder!
Pull me with you through this Circle
Flute Player!
Play us the Winds of our Directions
Feather me the Air
And Trill me the Colours of Their Power

Tail Waggers!
Show me the Joy in your Play
Rattle Shaker!
Spark to life our Edges
Bring us Alight with Your
Challenge to Darkness

Earth Crafters!
Build us a Basket for Wishes
Whiskey Blower!
Spray to us its Fragrance
Share with us its Mighty Past
That we may Understand our Future!

All my Relations

Margot Greenfield, Dec. 14, 2011

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