Accord with the Land:
Calling the Spirits to Rejoin Us

Devon, England, June 27-28, 2009

Shamanic workshop in DevonCome to Budleigh, Devon on the Jurrasic Coast, to express your nature! Are you ready to embody the playful spirits of the land?

Embrace the joy of the calling! Are you ready to allow the message of the heart to be heard?

Join a community of fellow explorers and experienced guides, who feel drawn to a deeper communion and commitment to a sacred contract with Gaia. If you are open to the treasures and sacred resources of Land, Sea and Sky, be ready to spirit journey, dance and to hear the dream of your soul's calling. Be given tools to help you understand and express the messages that you are receiving from "invisible realms" presently seeking to help us repair soul loss and to create a new paradigm for the future.

Sandstone cliffs on the seaWe will be walking in the great outdoors, sharing our stories and drawing from the energies of this beautiful Jurassic Coast. We will have the chance to align with our ancestors and to actually feel them supporting our contemporary lives. As we learn about our spiritual inheritance, we draw on the wisdom of the whole community, the trees, the birds, and as one human to the other. Together we form the Great World Tree, joining Heaven and Earth. With our hearts joined in the centre of the tree we allow more life to flow within us.

We are the tree, enlivening ourselves with greater sources of energy than addicted, zoned out behaviour can offer. Leave the habit of pain for the "habit of playmind." Be ready to open more space inside for awareness of aligning with the spirits of other beings. Walk between the worlds, fearlessly.

Non-residential weekend 120 GBP.

Nancy Sherwood, a shamanic grandmother from Canada, is drawing from her experience of land stewardship, community, pilgrimage, and healing dance to share her energy and presence for the weekend. In order to offer this experiential learning opportunity, Nancy joins with Sue-Claire Morris and the Land that inspires and grounds Sue-Claire's life. Sue and Nancy have been working creatively together in Canada and in the UK. They have been laying the foundation to bring the accord with the lands they have communed with, to you.


Other workshops with Nancy Sherwood in England and Ireland planned for 2009