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11, 11, 11 (November 2011)

Camp MockingeeThe Moving Mandala continues to teach me. It seems that the most recent MMandala, 11,11,11, was a most vivid example of how powerful this tool is for community building with people who are ready to transform together. Why should this surprise me? The Moving Mandala is designed for this purpose and each year has been brilliant in its own way, so perhaps I need to be specific.

People opened to trust themselves and the situation at the speed of Light. The depth at which the process happened was so immediate that it moved beyond anyone's expectations.

Participants spoke of feeling that the atmosphere gave them permission to approach this experience differently than they usually do when they are learning. Those who said they came "in their heads" allowed themselves to move into their hearts and experience the teachings from an embodied place. Participants reported that they learned in a way that seemed effortless and their inner knowing increased.

Mockingee LakeMockingee Lake was nearly empty when we came because of work on the dam and it was full to overflowing when we left, which also seemed to reflect what was happening on the inner. It seemed that the emptying out of the lake was like emptying our minds of preconceptions and allowing the space to be filled with creativity and abundance. For me personally, it was a blessing to do this in my own neighborhood.

The date was significant, and perhaps heightened our collective experience of being supported. We shared that we felt the spaciousness of this mandala practice that supports change, by following guidance in the moment, without our having to know what the outcome will be.

This is always true about doing the MMandala, and each year has its highlights, whether it is the ancestral tree work at Windhorse in such an incredibly supportive setting, the earthing of the program in Wolfville and making of the mandala stick, the magic of the round church in Halifax, or the blending of our sound session with the Shambhala program across the hall at Mahone Bay Centre, each year has had its impact on us and on the community surrounding us. And it seems that each year builds on the next in terms of our consciousness and dynamic. We are joined to all the mandala practices ever done in the world and to the maturing of this one over the last decade.

Those who have done the MMandala one-on-one OR long distance have received the benefits of this year's program of course because we are interconnected and it is excellent practice in long distance work; however to fully experience doing it as a participant in a human community on a site together is to take it to another level. MM has served the individuals who have done the solo MMandala in developing their self awareness and confidence, so there is real value in that practice. In fact, I always encourage people to continue do the MMandala at home. However, it cannot replace the group experience in person. This does not take anything away from solo experience, but we still need the dynamic of a whole group surrendering at once, as One. As humans we seem to need to shift consciousness by having an earthed manifestation of higher consciousness to replace past hurts or simply to raise new awareness by anchoring in embodied experience. We get to let our vulnerabilities and strengths be shared in such as way that we restore our community soul loss. We get to experience how communities of Light do have a way to release their old. worn out stories instantly, with a shift of energy. This means that the people that came had to change their identities on the spot. It means that they were ready and so it was an optimum situation.

Participants did experience the suspension of time and the space that is the legacy we can rely on, aided by the dragon beings who support us from all directions.

This vast potential of great mystery meant that risks were high for all of us, akin to dancing on a tightrope, and then, not falling. We had participants with major health and life issues who not only released the past but also moved on to empower others. They put their lives on that tight line and moved beyond the limited definition of disease and other life challenges, to embrace the powerful experience of wholeness and LIght that was the basis of our container.

This is not unusual in the MMandala in and of itself; however, the joy was so palpable this year that experienced practitioners that joined us for awhile felt "never so welcomed" and rode the wave of energy immediately.

We asked that all beings benefit by our work and so even if you did not come in person we know it was beneficial to you if you were open to it. We also appreciate those who aligned with the dates at home and contributed to the collective energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with us long distance. We experienced a giving and receiving that merged into an unending flow.

Our ancestors, who came through as spirits of Turtle Island's native people, made themselves known during the last session. The Plains spirits, came through through our dancing, singing, the pipe, the buffalo and the bear. We were revisiting the spaciousness of their way of life, their appreciation of the cosmos and creation's expression of itself through life on Earth. The Divine Feminine was strong. The spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman was present.

I share this with you to encourage you, to say that it is possible to take a practice whose roots are ancient and universal and to put it into a contemporary form that moves beyond culture, beyond sexism and all the isms, to a place where we can access the energy needed to support the transition we are making back to sacred view, back to wholeness.

I thank the spirits for providing a way for this to come through me and for an opportunity to share. I appreciate those who were willing to commit to coming together and to collectively dissolve the confusions of ordinary mind. For all of you involved in whatever way you could, it was beneficial to those of us at Mockingee. Everyone involved supported the process of allowing the clarity of our natural vision to enter us.

I thank Brenda for bringing her considerable devotion to the situation.

And as many people said to one another at 11,11,11, Welcome Home, Welcome Back,

Nancy Dancing Light

Food was provided by Georgia Barnwell of Cuisine For Life.

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