The Moving Mandala Archives

Eleventh Cycle, Fall Training, November 2010

The eleventh cycle of the Moving Mandala program was held at Windhorse Farm, near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

We considered the World Tree at the centre of the Mandala and chose the location, Windhorse Farm, surrounded by nature, for obvious reasons. Lots of faeries attended.

Participants made an art gallery of themselves and their energy centres as trees, rooted in ancestral memory (right).

Shields are made for bringing an expression of our gifts and  our strengths to a traditional form, the medicine shield, and the symbols reproduced on the shelds remind us of our spirit helpers and allies, and that our best protection is to attract what we need and to work with our strengths. 

The Moving Mandala dance that we held was an expression of the participants' connection and harmony within the container of the mandala. We co-created the expression of our mandala within the container of the circle.

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