Environmental Artist

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Below are some reflections by Zoe following our 2011 “Reclaiming the Dragon Path” tour.

The call to be of service within the Reclaiming of the Dragon Path pilgrimage felt a pre-organised journey. Thank you for honouring yourself, others such as myself, the Dragon, Mother Earth.

The Pilgrimage began at the root in Cornwall at the Spring Equinox, 21st March 2011. Discovering that the sacred spirit of the Land and the deep connections of our ancestors were with us all felt healing on many levels.

My deep Love for Cornwall is timeless. It stirs up memories of the beauty of the intimate realationship I have with Cornwall. I remember truthfully in my heart how the Land in Cornwall supports and energises my root chakra like nowhere else in England. It equally inspires my heart to respond to its elemental, powerful essence. It offers resonant grounded Earth which is in rhythm with my soul.

I am very grateful to the beauty of Devon and how it is a platform and home for my dreams of the New World to grow.

The journey to Cape Cornwall, embracing of the morning of the spring equinox, the Oratory chapel which seeped ancient memories for us all, spoken yet silent.

Men an Tol, a timeless space for re birth and remembering.

Zennor, a magical journey into the realms of the Mermaid, the ancient goddess of the waters of Zennor and of the cosmos, she dives deep in to the ocean and dives into Heaven, she bridges heaven and earth with such ease.

The sacred well, a place of prayer to the water, a place of deep peace, a well of memories stirring up within me, a life of prayer to all of humanity, to our dear Mother Earth (Gaia’s waters, Oceans, Rivers and streams, knowing our prayers are carried eternally within the essence of her waters brings relief to me).

Church Cove (a place where Ben guided us to), a sacred place where the Michael and Mary lines cross, the deep love felt here soothed my heart and soul, the wildness of Gaia’ s Ocean felt, another place of rememberence.

The Reclaiming the Dragon workshop on the 26th and 27th March at the 9 Maidens on Dartmoor revealed another layer.

The immence feeling of the Horses’ presence was very profound; I felt their presence throughout my journey to the stones, feeling their communication.
Ending up with their physical presence at Spinsters Rock.

While you were in Wales, a flow of paintings emerged expressing the essence of Mother Earth’s Waters and the beings that are teachers of the harmony with water, revealing themselves in sensitive subtle ways.

Here are the 7 paintings:

1st one is The Essence of Mother Earth’s Water body.
2nd one is The Essence of the Moon.
3rd one is Sacred Gecko (perfect little mirror images of the dragon, also a powerful guardian spirit in Hawaii)
4th one is Dolphin Vortex
5th one is Mermaid of Universal Waters
6th one is Emerald fire coral
7th one is The Ocean at Porth Chapel, Cornwall.

These paintings and others have been coming through with image and accompanied messages. They are taking me on a journey of remembering ancient wisdom.

Ben and I witnessed dolphins at St Ives in July. One dolphin vortexed/span out of the water just like the dolphin vortex painting in June; it was a manifestation of the painting!

During my time studying at becoming an Environmental Artist, my passion was Mother Earth’s Waters. During that time I developed a short story called “The Mer Children of Lyme Regis”,which was where I used to live. The story spoke of the Mer Children sharing their ancient wisdom of helping us to remember in honouring our waters and Gaia’s waters.

I feel this reflection/ revision is helping me re-visit my commitment to the development of my/our journies of service to Mother Earth, her Waters, humanity, myself, partner and family and where best I feel in my life supporting and sustaining me on all levels.

I have commited to shining a light of Love, Peace, healing, hope and Joy.

Right now I have much gratitude for where I am in Devon and equally I have much gratitude for where I am going.

You [Nancy] wrote: “The Dragon awakens us and we realise we can be at one with its elemental energies if we open our hearts enough to allow its tenderness and rawness to reside within.” I feel the truth of this deeply.

I feel my awakening of service is a flowing journey of spirals and circles, which dances with fellow Dragon Dancing pilgrims and of course dancing and communicating with The Water/Air Dragon with whom it is an honour to reconnect, just like a dear old friend.

Prayer of thy Water

Thy Water
Thy Water
Thy Water

Thy body holdeth sacred water

Thy body contains deep eternal memories

Flowing, moving, stirring within me

memories revealing the truth

dispelling all negativity



for our dear Mother Earth
for all dear Humanity
Blessed be …..