Image Weaver, Astrologer, Shamanic Artist, Teacher

Margot is an Astrologer and Craftsman living in rural Nova Scotia with a love for all things metaphysical. Stirrings began at the age of 8 after buying her first book of spells; thereafter receiving her first set of Tarot Cards at the age of 10, and soon after followed a love for astrology, which she began to study more formally in 2008. Margot’s introduction to Chakras, belief biology, and Inner Journeying began in 2005, and Shamanic practice began in 2009 after meeting her Teacher, Nancy Dancing Light. She has received teacher training in the Moving Mandala, holds first degree Usui Reiki and is a keeper of Plant Spirit Medicine teachings.

Margot’s path is a winding one, and she is continuously tickled by the serendipity and synchronicities this life on earth has to teach us all, and loves to dig deep into life’s many mysteries. She is a hunter, and holds heartfelt honour for our fellow creatures, and listens for the guidance of her own animal guides, ancestors, Goddesses and Gods. She has a passion for the teachings of myth, archetypes and planetary rhythms, and how we as humans relate to better understand our lives.

In Shamanic Practice, I am the hollow bone. Take my hand and we will walk through the lush forest of your rich inner landscape. Many of your treasures wait for you there.

You can reach Margot at email hidden; JavaScript is required