Carla is a shamanic practitioner and drum maker in Nova Scotia. Website: Shamanic Pathways.

Carla J. Silver
Carla J. Silver

During one of our tours in 2011, Carla described her role as firekeeper back home in Canada. Read on…

In a prayer to the Great Creator, I ask: “How may I be of service during this time of pilgrimage to the ancestral homelands?” 
The Dancing light is vast.   A stillness resides in the primordial formlessness of a darkened womb, a dream yet to be born. At center I am breathing. There is an intention of beauty. In an outbreath light streams fourth. The dream unfolds. I perceive as a diamond body of light.  A geometric tapestry evolves around me, within an encompassing sphere of infinite spheres. 

Songs of creation resonate in angelic voice from a crystalline grid.  The elemental energies of life take form as crystalline facets align.
Keepers of the elements, Dragons, appear. Crystalline shields at their chests. Wise protectors, discriminating nurturers, maintainers of balance.  At center I hold a diamond light body within my Rainbow Dragon form. Multifaceted. I hold the re-memberings, dreaming of beauty.
I breathe in. I spiral. On outbreath, “middle” world appears. My feet upon the land, I am at the edge of the earth, overlooking the sea. A rock cairn marks an ancestral place of rest. I taste the salt of a strengthening wind and secure my shawl. In gratitude I acknowledge inter-dependance, right relationship, responsibility. I return to the hearth and tend the sacred fire.  Flames of pure nature, of clear mind and enlightened action. Flames of creativity cultivating equanimity and generouisity. I hold vigil. Weather dragons dance winds of change. 
On a Breath to Surrender I spiral through an earthen passage.  An old lava vent flowing with water. Dragon’s line. I surface at the Medicine Wheel on the Lands of River Song Keep. A new day dawns. Diamond light illuminating in the rising of Grandfather Sun. Breathing inspiration. A prayer of thanksgiving. Dancing the Directions. Diamond body resonates, manifesting what is good.  Actions benefiting all beings, now and unto future generations. In gratitude.
In questing on my gifts of service to this journey of pilgrimage, my actions become clear. In holding vigil, I honor the Great Creator and the allies of Draconis.  In my dedication to this work, I offer to keep the hearth fire burning and nurture the ever abundant flow of universal love.  

I will greet the dawn through a diamond body meditation and a dance of the directions. Crystal beings blessed under the full moon ask to be placed in a geometric grid around the property. I will find their new homes as guided.

A spring in the Maple grove asks to be tended.  In connecting with the water I will remember our purity. I remain in sovereignty to the land. I honor the ancestors and remain open to their wisdoms.

In this dance across the sea and this walk upon the ancestral homelands, I wish you all a most wonder filled journey.

I wish you the gifts of remembering. The strength of reclaimation.

As a lineage carrier of Draconis, I ask the guardians to watch over you, to protect you, to nurture and guide you.

May all that we weave return life to our Grandchildren. 

Have a safe journey.

For All of Relations, So mote it be.

Carla Dancing Rainbow Dragon Silver.