The Moving Mandala

Shamanic initiation and training for today's world.

The Moving Mandala is a profound and powerful community building tool for people ready to transform together.

The Moving Mandala training reinforces personal and spiritual practice through raising your vibration and accompanying you to a new level of awareness.

In its simplest form, the Mandala may be symbolized as a circle with a centre point.

Within the Moving Mandala, you will receive seven initiations or energy transmissions, each corresponding to the chakras and their elements.

This program is experiential with focus on opening to Spirit through the expression of shamanic journeying, sound, colour, movement and the arts.

The roots of this practice are ancient and universal and can be applied in a contemporary setting.

Normally taught as an 8-session course over a period of 3 months, the Moving Mandala funnels you through a rainbow of color within a 12 point mandala:

  • Root/Earth = red
  • Sacral/Water = orange
  • Solar Plexus/Fire =yellow
  • Heart/Air = green
  • Throat/Sound/Space = turquoise blue
  • Third Eye/Light = indigo
  • Crown/Divine Mind = purple

On the final day of dance, drum and sounding, we will celebrate from the archetypal realm, in the energetic, that is perceived as gold.

These gifts of dance, drum and sounding will be your personal tools that may be called upon to amplify all transmissions you receive during this workshop. They will accompany you at any time or place where individual or group healing is desired and to re-establish wholeness within your community.

We hope you will join us in discovering oneness and maintaining connection with the sacred in all things.

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Notes on the residential intensive format

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We also offer Teacher Training for the Mandala.

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