Individual Tours

Dream trips tailored to your needs

Nancy loves taking people on transformative "dream trips". Since these tours are designed according to the needs of the individual, there are nearly unlimited options for receiving help in the form of:

  • shamanic services
  • guide services
  • planning itinerary
  • organizing housekeeping details

These custom tours will only be available for a few years, so follow your dream and ask!

(902) 521-3958

"It seems paradoxical to speak of grounding and travel; we think of grounding as staying rooted in one spot; we use the practice of grounding through movement, accepting what is in the moment and staying connected to the spirit in all things. Grounding a practice like this is preparing you for the spontenaity of life, the richness of our daily existance, and using the earth itself as way to connect with the spirit in all living things. Stillness within and movement without are the goals of many  practices because that is the way life happens. Constant change and separation of a busy mind from the body can make us ungrounded. To stay in harmony with life's changes, we notice our natural world provides inspirations and teachings, guided by the culture of place where we travel. We realign our body/spirit/mind connection when we encourage the use of tools for awareness and the ability to respond to any situation."
- Nancy Dancing Light