Brenda Marita Mason

"Spirit Whispers" - Shamanic Practitioner

Brenda Marita Mason
Brenda Marita "Spirit Whispers" Mason is an experienced shamanic practitioner whose preferred healing modality focuses on sound. She brings the sacred breath and the heartbeat of the drum to the circle of community ritual. Her pilgrimage to Scotland in 2005, with Spirit Guide and mentor Nancy Sherwood, heightened her awareness of the faery energies and the Celtic aspect of her spiritual lineage. Since then she has made a further commitment to the path of pilgrimage, which so far has included Arizona, USA, Ireland and the Yucatan, Mexico.

A long time Sundance supporter, Brenda is now in her third year of dancing in Southern Alberta. She is also a fire keeper for the sacred sweat lodge, a Moving Mandala past-participant, and now assistant, and has supported the founding of a local healing centre in Nova Scotia. Her training includes Reiki, animal husbandry and the academic study of nutrition.

Brenda brings her gifts and qualitites of strength, balance, and laughter to the Sacred Flame journey.

Brenda drumming at Moving MandalaBrenda now resides in her home province of New Brunswick, where she is developing her healing practice, which focuses on helping others remember their spirit and the strength that lies within. Within the community circles that Brenda calls, she brings the wisdom of all participants into the light to be shared and utilized for the highest good.

Contact Brenda at or 506-435-0023.