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Cornwall and Devon, October 2012

The trip to Cornwall and Devon put me/us in a context of the primal dragon energies again, while entraining* the body centres to align with the great world tree (vertical) and to allow the embracing circle of the Moving Mandala to hold us in its transformative energy field.

We spent four days at Cape Cornwall, dancing, swimming, hiking, making art, singing, drumming, and creating ritual in response to our intention to move the hologram energy of our collective mandala into the next place on its spiral of growth toward the Light.

We joined the mandala with the labyrinth** in Cornwall, dancing the sacred geometry into the spiralling pathways of the onsite labyrinth, accompanied by members of the local spiritual community who participated.

Our group's dance became the final expression of co-creation with heaven and earth, within the vortex of energy that had been raised collectively to celebrate the community of all life.

The stewards of Boswedden House on Cape Cornwall, Nigel and Thelma, and the site they have chosen to care for, completely supported our intentions to root our training in Cornwall. Our program aligned very well with the energies in our surroundings.

I also want to acknowledge Danu Fox, a local shaman and professional musician, who came in to offer her inspired singing during one of our meals and drummed with us on the final day. The video at right features her singing and work with ley lines where the Mary & Michael energy lines enter the UK in Cornwall at Carn les Boel.

Finally, one of the MM participants, Christina, who recently moved to the far west of Cornwall, will continue to hold energy at the "tail of the dragon."

The ancestors and local wisdom keepers definitely gave us welcome to create a pentacle of protection within the Mandala of Manifestation, and creative grounding for our future work.

*entrainment: having the human brain and body system fall into frequency with a vibration by sound, movement, color; all forms of awareness that will recreate the vibration after practice and exposure to the stimulus, which here means the vibration of inner peace and wholeness that the Moving Mandala invokes.
**this was a first for our MM development and a result of work by Sue-Claire and Zoe who are experienced labyrinth practitioners

Teacher Training in Devon

The Teacher Training in Devon evolved out of the generosity of Yoga Jenny and Sue-Claire's family as well as Zoe's partner, Ben, and the land of Budleigh-Salterton, which borders the sea.

As each teaching candidate practiced with us, and demonstrated her abilities and gifts, we experienced the spontaneity of being in the moment within the mandala container. This required total trust, as the Canadians moved in unfamiliar landscapes and as our indigenous teachers let go of preconceptions, moving us into a deep bonding with one another and the application of the MM.

That deep work also expanded the foundation for sharing the MM with a wider participation of many future participants who need to maintain high energy levels for their lives and work, whether in parenting, community building, healing, arts, environmental activism, and/ or shamanism.

We merged and moved with the breath of land and the sea, with what "wanted" to happen, within the embrace of the mandala principle of seeing reality as it is, through the heart's knowing, without interference from the busy mind of distraction.

During the teacher training the group went to land that is being developed in Budleigh in the name of modern progress. The intended development has replaced community allotment gardens.

The Mandala teachers addressed the non-human beings on the land to say that they were people of consciousness who could address the lack of common understanding about the sacred space there. We as a group asked that cultural mandates to see that we "extract" whatever we can from real estate be forgiven. The women who went on the land made offerings and prayed for the harmony of that place to be restored.

It was noted that two days later the land was marked against trespass and fences put up, so the action was timely. Hope was taken also that plants already were edging in from the corners of the field indicating that life has always come into being again and again, even when challenged.

And we wish happiness to the householders who will occupy the space in future, asking that they value the abundance of the earth that provides for us all.

The teachers' course ended at the sea with rainbow energy being sent across the waves.

Our rainbow dragon continues to join other efforts put out by many people and places to restore right relationship with the earth, with both the seen and unseen beings.

Names of the teaching candidates are below and you will be hearing from them in future as they complete their requirements and gain experience in embodying the wisdom and artful application of the Moving Mandala.

Brenda Marita Mason is creating a Moving Mandala Training (intensive residential) in New Brunswick, Canada, March 2013 (see this website): I will be there, will you?

Sue-Claire Morris and Zoe Hudson are making a Mandala Offering in Devon, April 2013.

Ali Rabjohns will be offering in Brittany in future.

Lori Folkins will be sharing from Niagara area in Ontario.

Margot Greenfield lives in Nova Scotia and TBA when she is ready to teach a course.

Jenny Wooler's facility provided day space for us:

We are turning to the ancient mandala, which was most fully integrated in its expression by the Tibetan culture. Since occupation of Tibet has removed people from their Mother language and is forcing children away from their parents, toward the dominant secular culture, it is imperative that we reach for inspiration to the mandala again to awaken our sense of wholeness in this factional world.

Much as the Idle No More movement has shocked people into awareness that we all can lose our Home, the earth, we can hold a common mandala of purpose to re-align with the sacred heart-knowing of our ancestors.

The Moving Mandala provides a contemporary way to support that kind of knowing and being, and it encourages us to be creative in taking action in the world that is appropriate for our bodies and souls.

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