United Kingdom, Fall 2012

Teaching and Spirit-Guided Tour

Nancy took time to visit and revisit sites by herself and with other wise women as well as to teach and to play.

Carn EunyOxfordshire: White Horse of Uffington, Wayland's Smithy and Oxford

Glastonbury (see below)

Wales: Brecon Beacons, Myddfai Physicians, and Carmarthen

Cornwall: Carn Euny and Moving Mandala Training at far reaches of Cornwall (story here)

Devon: Moving Mandala Teacher Training in Budleigh-Salterton (story at same link as above)

Glastonbury and Mendip Hills, Stanton Drew Stone Circle, Avebury

Revisiting Glastonbury

When I visited Glastonbury in 2012 to see a friend and her son, there was a miscommunication of mine with someone who I thought was coming to get me. My hostess needed to go off and I unexpectedly had a day alone.

I walked to the Chalice Well Gardens where a local druid was selling the tickets that day and ended up being in that liminal place between worlds. It was very quiet and I moved through the gardens remembering my visit with Lucie and Allison two years before; we took photos of Lucie making offerings to the garden angel and of course of the well itself.

This time I carried no camera but had a bottle for drinking water for my local friend and one for myself to take to Canada.

The time of quiet reflection at the well head was not dramatic in the way we have been taught to value; I have had visions there but this time there was no otherworldly manifestation at that level. It was enough to drink in the atmosphere of this threshold place and to feel the sweetness of the life-giving breath coming from the waters.

At the Lion's Head I collected water for drinking and had a long draught myself. I walked in the pool and sat on a bench feeling the devotion of the people who care for this sacred place; one of the gardeners was working nearby and a fellow pilgrim walked through while I drifted with the timeless.

A small greeting-dance came to me and I spiralled silently through the paths, following foliage patterns, organic movement growing out of the earth and water and sky. There was no event-full-ness in the way our culture recognizes something happening, but so much life was taking place there that my senses expanded in recognition of its presence.

It was abundantly clear that more than enough is always available if I take the time to notice what is being offered by the spirit of our earth. Letting the Chalice Well Gardens touch me was such a gift.

I bought some Heart of the Well essence at the shop, feeling that I need to keep from opening mine.

When disappointed in my expectations or when I create a story of lack, I need to open up to possibilities, like the day at the well.