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a Celtic Island Pilgrimage

Scotland & Ireland, 2007

Participant story:

Spirit Whispers: Sacred Pilgrimage - Coming Home to Self

I was out in the open for all to see;
as people came along I kept being me,
dancing, singing,
living, laughing,
playing, giving,
bathing in the glow of life!

These are the words that came to me on the last day of my pilgrimage to Ireland. I was dancing on a huge rock in the middle of a small river down over the hill from the Glencree Peace and Reconciliation Centre just outside of Dublin. We were given time to be on our own, a mini vision quest, before the Rainbow sweat lodge that evening. As I was dancing and singing I noticed that a bus had arrived at the centre. Shortly thereafter people started coming down the hill; they were on a tour. There was a time when I would have stopped what I was doing. I would have hunkered down and tried to make myself invisible, but this time I just kept on doing what I was doing. I smiled and waved. The people continued on. I felt such freedom! I really realized in that moment how important it is to let go of the masks and the armour, to let those walls fall and just be myself.

Others feel it and know it when we are being our authentic selves and it can help them to feel safe to be their authentic selves, to let their walls fall and let their light shine bright. By honouring our authentic selves, our light, our love, we honour the Source, the Creator, God...All is One...we honour Mother Earth and all of the other beings with whom we share her. We find our hearts full of compassion and understanding, kindness and generosity toward our fellow human beings and the individual journeys each of us our on. There is still much work to be done, as we are ever learning, ever growing, but if we come from a place of authenticity then the path becomes more spacious and we are provided with the room we need.

I felt at home in Ireland and it allowed me to feel at home within myself...sometimes it takes a trip to a faraway place to find our way home.

for all my relations

Brenda Marita "Spirit Whisper" Mason

Arran IslandThe call:

Fellow Pilgrims:
I would be delighted to have you join us on Spring Rites: a Celtic Island Pilgrimage.

This year our journey will encompass three magical, mystical Isles - Arran Island, Holy Island and Ireland - as we wind our way through the story of Scotland and Ireland.

From a harbour where the Vikings raided, to the sites where the kings and queens were buried, we'll become aware of our ancestors, our individual spiritual lineages, and we'll celebrate the lives of the contemporary people that we meet along the way.

Our path will take us to gateways to the faery realms, well-known sacred sanctuaries and lesser known lands and territories protected by saints and goddesses.

At Machrie Moor we will celebrate Beltane, inviting a joining of the Divine Feminine with the Green Man aspect within each of us.

Loch LomondI'm looking forward to our night in beautiful Loch Lomond, seeing an enactment of the Light returning to Newgrange, and encountering the Lia Faill (Stone of Destiny) on the hill at Tara, plus all of the surprises that Spirit has in store for each of us on our shared journey.

Anam cara,
Nancy Dancing Light