Archives: The Divine Feminine in Mexico

Spring, 2003

Dancing under palm trees in the YucatanNancy was guide for Traveller’s Joy in the Yucatan pilgrimage designed for two women who wanted to connect with the divine feminine. That spirit tour led to the cenotes, caves, pyramids and temples of the Mayan people. Well known sites at Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and Tulum each offered a different character that lifted the veil between the worlds, especially in the early hours when places were relatively quiet. Meditating in the YucatanSun, sea, and sky contrasted with the deep interior openings of the earth where offerings had been made for hundreds of years. The women carried an image of a veiled Sophia painted in deep blues and purples, and local people recognized that the travellers were celebrating the spirit of the feminine principle that has been known so well to them, from pre-Christian times up to the present.
cenoteThe residents of the Yucatan have had to learn much about water to survive and have done so without natural above ground rivers and lakes so the pilgrims listened to the spirits of the elements and the allies that supported life on the peninsula. The triad of travellers linked with the turtle, the serpent, the jaguar and butterfly. Creating a ritual on ancient stonesBy embodying those spirits at different times they shape shifted and danced on top of a pyramid under a full moon, swam in turquoise waters of the sea, made offerings at a cenote where the white lizard grandmother appeared, and created rituals on stones that had many memories within them.

Swimming, MexicoInspirations for making art, making love, and making a greater commitment to the earth came out of this trip.