Archives: Women as Earth Protectors

England, April 1997

Nancy’s commitment to Traveller’s Joy as a vehicle for planetary service called up a journey for four women, one for each cardinal direction. Nancy carried a print of a drawing in which four women surrounded a stone circle; the women were holding up their hands in a universal gesture of protection and planet Earth floated in the centre of the circle.

When Nancy and her student left Canada they did not know there would be four women agreeing to go on this pilgrimage. When they got to London to visit someone that Nancy had met at Findhorn in 1989, another woman joined the group who also had been at Findhorn then and they agreed to travel together as healers who knew they were being drawn to a path of Light.

Nancy knew that she and her student needed to go to Avebury, Glastonbury, and places around Silbury Hill but finding some other stone circles such as the Rollrights near Oxford and the Three Sisters in Devon, the great White chalk Horse and Giant, and other sites were surprises that unfolded as the group bonded and more messages came in. Nancy was providing the container and the teachings for her apprentice’s benefit and the other women participated when and how they felt drawn to do at the time.

Turtle and Horse medicine were abundant and the dragon energies came from caves, cliffs and places where the earth split open to reveal her body’s creative spaces, as women embody the earth in turn.

Visions of service to Gaia and how to manifest that service by personal commitment evolved from the women’s journey.