Archives: Bioregional Gathering
Tepotzlan, Mexico, Fall, 1996

Nancy attended the first bioregional gathering hosted in a country outside the cultural influences of the North, to the extent that it was very organically organized. She had met women of the village earlier and learned quickly that they were the organizers of family and community life and provided the backbone of the culture.

The gathering was attended by twice as many people as planned so creativity was called for in providing infrastructure for food, children, and getting together: Gypsies, Native people of North and South, Rainbows and Bioregionalists that normally followed the movement all arrived for this amazing week long event and began sweat lodges, drumming circles, rituals, workshops, encampments, kitchens... and the community thrived.

Nancy spent time doing energy work to assist different organizers and participants as well as attending workshops and doing her community work in kitchens. She learned from the landscape, the people, and an extra day pilgrimage to the town’s pyramid that was built into the hillside. The sentinels of the old ways might be dead but their love of the place was still alive and in embodied in the values of the present day local people.