Archives: Findhorn 1989

Nancy travelled with a friend to Findhorn Foundation to do an Experience Week and to attend a week’s workshop by Michael Bradley and Caroline Myss. To say that the experience changed their lives is an understatement. They had an opportunity to create a full moon ceremony, attend a healing spiral rainbow crystal ceremony in the Great Hall, a deep ecology event, and in to work in the gardens and Cluny Hall. Meditation, sharing, praying and meeting Eileen Caddy, though who knows in what order, made it a rich experience. They also went into the original forest at Randall’s Leap and to the Clava Cairns.
Nancy was to do a soul retrieval in service to another participant during Carolyn’s workshop and Nancy realized the greatness of a teacher who follows guidance and who is open to what spirit brings to the situation rather than controlling everything with ego. Carolyn became an inspiration for both Nancy and her friend, who has now completed a PhD. at Carolyn’s university of intuitive medicine.

Nancy made several friends there who are Lightworkers that she is still in touch with today.