Tina Cockett

Dance Movement Therapist, Surrey, England


My inspiration comes from dance, nature and the landscape. Understanding how we are formed by and connected with the land has been a guiding star and led me to study movement, astrology, expressive arts, shamanism and psychotherapy. Finding a sense of place in this shifting world is becoming more and more important as we re-define our relationship with the land. And so I am drawn to work more with the embodied imagination and dance as a bridge between our inner and outer landscapes, to re-connect with the soul source of home and heart.

Tina practices as a dance movement therapist within the NHS mental health services in Surrey, England. She also runs expressive movement workshops for women drawing on mythological themes.

Walking in the westcountry Wales and Cornwall is a true pilgrimage for me as they are places dear to my heart and in my bones. My mother's ancestral line goes way back in Wales. It was working with Caitlin [Matthews] at the Shamanic Convergence [Nova Scotia] that this emerged for me again in a profound way with Elen of the Ways, and remembering the tales and songs of my mother! How the threads are woven, and in them the dragon comes emerging from the earth to rise above the hills and in small ways like discovering dragon's claw or vervain herb. There are legends of dragons around here in Guildford, Surrey near the Pilgrim's Way across the North Downs connecting the sacred centres of Winchester and Canterbury, and the ports to France. Nancy will be offering a workshop on the dragon energies hopefully by St Martha's Hill on this ancient trackway with its springs and earth rings.

The dragon's head and tail Radhu and Ketu are represented by the eclipses of each year, and called the moon's nodes in our astrological charts. These sensitive points are interpreted as the movement from our pastlife time lessons to those of this lifetime.

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The Dragon Sisters came screaming down the Spirit Paths
Spun me round as they passed turning the dragon coils
Remain in the dance they whispered handing me a silken thread
The wild, mad, healing circles of the tarantella dance
Blessed Black Madonna, Cybele, Isis
Queen of Heaven deep in the Earth
Every woman's dancing, drumming, dreaming
Weaves Arachne's cosmic web

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