Sacred Wells and Holy Water

Article by Nancy Sherwood

Traditionally special places offered the gift of water for our healing. Now we also realize that to join with water is to join in Unity with its spirit and to allow it to purify our etheric bodies so that we are in harmony and flow with creation.

Many wells and springs all over the world are considered to be sacred. In Ireland the Brigit wells are presided over by the spirit of the Earth Protector and goddess Brigit, or if you prefer, St. Brigit. Many of these sites have been known before history and have become Christianized such as St. Molaise’s well on Holy Island off the west coast of Scotland. Bath, England and Lourdes, France are other well known sites where people actually got to sit in the waters.

Unless you can guarantee the sterility of the container it is suggested that you not drink the water of these wells and springs but place it on your energy centres and/or use it in rituals to purify thoughts of Unity and Peace. Just as we put only a small dose of an essence in a homeopathic remedy, we only need a few drops in a larger body or container of water to merge our thoughts and prayers with its essence.

Recent scientific research has shown that water absorbs our thoughts and so whatever we are praying, that prayer will attune (harmonize) with the water and bring it into being. After all, most of our body’s content is water.

When we sit with water and allow its spirit to merge with ours, we realize that we ARE Peace and that we can offer gratitude to one more of the many ways our lives are supported on the Earth.

Taking care of the water around you, sending prayer and receiving benefits of its purifying energies gives you a chance to steward the earth. By noticing how water is used in your area and taking active part in its good use, you can become a keeper of the Well.

You can invite polluted waters to become purified, not only through proper use but also by sitting with it to help the spirit of the water “remember” its potential for purity; you benefit by experiencing your connection to that well of memory yourself, where All is One.

These small miracles of joining and consciousness are a blessing of our time on earth and I welcome you to the Guardians of Sacred Springs and Wells.