Welcome to Sacred Nova Scotia!

A Sense of Place: Healing at Solomon Brook Farm,
July 26, 2014

Join land stewards Helga Gruner and Lloyd Klassen, with Nancy "Dancing Light" Sherwood, Margot Greenfield, and supporters of Solomon Brook on Saturday, July 26, 2014, New Moon 10-5 pm. RAIN OR SHINE.

Enjoy a day of receiving the curative energies of Solomon Brook while learning and benefiting from the experience of the founding healers, Helga and Lloyd, who have been drawn to the dream of the land at a sacred location in Farmington, Nova Scotia.

Nancy and Margot will facilitate the structure and process of this full day event.

Spiritual Guidance:  hear about the vision of Solomon Brook and how it moved a whole family to come here from British Columbia and how that radical trust can be awakened in we who are drawn to a new paradigm and way of being on the planet.

Timeless Connection: we will be well  prepared to be  given opportunity to connect with the land  individually .We  will be shown how to seek and receive our own guidance to take home into our lives.\

Labyrinth Garden:  there will be a focused sharing  on the evolving garden project which is based on sacred geometry.  It enhances the vitality of all who participate in creating it, gardening in it, and moving in it; this benefit is not limited to humans! We will learn how we can use this wonderful resource for ourselves right in the moment, and/ or how to  make one of our own.

Shamanic Drumming: we will wake up our own energy and tune into all the elements of this particular place, so that we will introduce Solomon Brook's particular vibration to our own living situation. 

Sharing: we will be sharing our insights & stories and laughter is almost guaranteed!

Set mid-way between Annapolis and the South Shore, the waterfall, trees, plants and critters of Solomon Brook will sooth your senses and bring you home to your body and soul.

To take advantage of this offering,

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PayPal or credit card (use button at right) or mail cheque to:
Nancy Sherwood,
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AND: Bring a brown bag lunch.

A late afternoon snack will be provided by Solomon Brook before you go home.

Dress according to the weather and bring a blanket you might take outdoors.

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