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A Sense of Place

Workshop Schedule, Summer 2009

LavenderSunday, August 2, 10am - 4pm

Place: Place: We Are One Farm, near Bridgewater, South Shore

Host: Mary Dixon, a gardener, photographer and soul coach, stewards this farm with her partner Edward Howell.

Theme: Connection in the Garden: Cherishing Body and Soul

Mary with lavenderPurpose: This workshop gives participants an opportunity to experience the garden as a place to give and receive. Care of the plants and attention to all life in the garden gives back to us through food, beauty and the scent of lavender. Awareness practices, using contemplative and shamanic techniques, lead to the appreciation of the visible and invisible realms working in harmony with one another. Tune into the energies that constitute the unique qualities on this farm, so that you can take these practices to your own backyard and community.

Lake landscapeSaturday, August 15, 10am - 4pm

Place: The Narrows, Newburne (Cornwall Road), Central Nova Scotia

Host: Eliza Schurman: artist, spiritual healer, naturalist

Theme: Sense of Purpose, Sense of Place

sunsetPurpose: This workshop directs participants to find their purpose “in the scheme of things” in the woods, where nature informs us of our role as the earth’s stewards. We will experience how Eliza has grown in Wisdom, with her land, how she made her choices and is a Pathmaker for others.

Come to be part of a community of many beings and to acquire tools for making better choices, for going deeper into the heart of existence as spirits in human bodies. We will take our place in the world community as well as applying our experiences to our own lives and on our own lands.

Saturday, October 3, 10am - 4pm

Place: Riversong Keep Biodynamic Farm and Learning Centre, Chester Basin, South Shore

Hosts: Carla Silver: Carla is a drum maker, vision quest protector and shamanic practitioner who stewards her land with her partner, David Nodding.

TipiTipi being coveredTipi construction

Theme: The Art of Invisibility

Purpose: This workshop is for those who want deepen their awareness of the environment by direct experience of techniques that increase awareness and help us connect with all beings. We will get to interact with nature in a way that our ancestors did, with spirit journeying, and tools that that involve the breath, "wide-angled" vision, and an approach called the fox walk.

Registration and cost

Cost: $110 each. $200 for 2 people OR $200 for 2 workshops for one person. Unwaged/Student: $60.

Materials and snacks included. Bring your own lunch according to dietary needs.

Early Bird Special: The WHOLE SERIES OF THREE workshops for $300 per person and $600 per couple if you register with a 50% deposit by July 18, 2009.

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About Sacred Nova Scotia

We live in beautiful Nova Scotia, land that is a vessel for spirit. When Europeans arrived here First Nations people were already living with a sacred and very practical way of life, having made a success of thriving for thousands of years.

Many new people arrived over time, some say the Vikings, or even the early Irish, certainly the French who became Acadians, Huguenot Swiss Germans, Loyalists from the USA including Afro-Americans,  Scottish people driven out by the Clearances, later Irish, victims of famine, and of course the  early flow of Jewish peddlers and professionals, Lebanese, U.S. draft dodgers, Vietnamese “Boat People”, just to name a few, right up to the immigrants arriving today.

Blomidon, with the Iron Cross in the foreground commemorating the deportation of the Acadians in 1755In the history of Nova Scotia the connection of people to the land has been foremost in creating an opportunity for them to create new roots  and well being no matter what their original culture.

Nancy and Brenda Marita Mason are co-facilitating special day long events intended to help new arrivals, seasoned residents, and travellers to Nova Scotia to understand how to connect with the land in Nova Scotia and to develop spiritual applications for listening to its dream. The practice of connection can be carried out with the intention of creating harmony for land and all of its beings, anywhere we live. This event can help participants understand how  to create protection, healing and a future  of wellness for themselves and their environment.