The Moving Mandala Archives

A compiliation of participants' testimonials and reflections

We had breakfast with a recognition that we are now part of an extended Moving Mandala family that is very, very precious.

D&L, Ontario

Yes, thank you.. thank you... Thank you Nancy for helping us to move the Energy forward.. For listening and heeding the call to create the Moving Mandala... for bringing us all together in such a strong and powerful circle of community.. Not just this group but all the Mandolians before us too. I was just telling someone yesterday that if you don't want your life to change.. If you are not ready to change.. than the Moving Mandala may not be for you.. Cause look out... for me the change has been about becoming more me.. about faith and connection.. and continues to weave its way through me... As Brenda recently said.. "It's like once you have done the MM and it starts to work, it is always working when you call on it." We think about it and it comes.. It feels like the energy of the MM has gone deep inside and is working its way out.. Expanding and expanding.. Affecting everyone I come in contact with.. Everything I touch.. Past, Present and Future.. Such powerful medicine.. And it continues..

Sending you all much love love love.. So happy and honored to be part of this group..

L.F., Ontario

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