Lucie Brunet

In Memorium

Lucie BrunetOur dear Moving Mandala Sister, Lucie Lumière, departed from this life April 26, 2013, with family present at her home at Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, Ontario. Lucie's life is such that when she found out she had ALS after coming back from Brittany, she decided to surrender to the process of healing, whatever that looked like. She almost immediately noticed a change in her speaking ability and began to dance and express herself non-verbally even more, while she maintained her walking mobility until she left us. She lived intensely and died peacefully, having surrendered to Great Mystery.

She came back to us all in spirit during a long distance Mandala Dance organized by Lori Folkins on April 29; the dance had been pre-planned without knowing when Lucie would cross over and we decided to dedicate it to her wherever we were located on the planet, 13 of us from the Moving Mandala training, in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and in England. Here at Serenity in Nova Scotia the men drummed for us and we had a guest, Juliette, who brought a verbal message en français from Lucie to the circle.

Lucie Brunet la hikeuseMany many "sightings" have been made since her crossing and she said herself that the light in her spirit name is forever.

May we all remember the many, many ways this brilliant woman contributed to our collective wisdom and enthusiasm for living life to the full and letting go with the same skill when it was time to release her spirit from her body.

She is survived by her husband David Sherwood which means that she was also Nancy's belle soeur and is missed very much. Nancy feels that it was a privilege to know Lucie and experienced a night dance on the Yucatan edge of the Gulf of Mexico that was foretold in the community's journeys before the pilgrimage that Lucie, David and Nancy took there in early 2012. During Nancy's last visit to Lucie she also got to see Lucie's passionate expression in movement when she responded to the spirit of the water upon listening to the song Iguazu Falls. Here is a video with the piece that meant so much to Lucie for the 6 months before her passing:

Lucie would like us to remember the water and to appreciate its contribution to our existence. And Lucie's spirit has rejoined the stars like a diamond under the velvet sky.


Lucie's Bio

I have been exploring shamanism for close to 15 years, having trained with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, and did the Mandala training with shaman Nancy Dancing Light Sherwood. 

I’m increasingly being ask to respond to my calling to be a healer. I perform personalized, heart-centred healing ceremonies in the following areas: soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, assistance with transition through death and dying, bringing balance to disrupted places and energies. I am also trained as an energy healer (Quantum Touch) to relieve physical pain and release emotional blocks.

I see myself as facilitating empowerment and I designed a series of workshops to help women connect with their inner wisdom.  My first language is French and I believe in bridging across cultures and in building community. I have been involved in and/or created several groups over the years. In 2003 I co-founded a full moon drumming circle with a dozen members that gather monthly. I am a long-time volunteer in my own community of 500 and have played an instrumental role in creating a regional sexual assault centre.

To ground myself I have a yoga and meditation practice and I take great pleasure in gardening and working with the spirits of the land.  Since 1992, I have co-stewarded with my life partner David four acres of land on the Ontario-Québec border. We have hosted and/or given workshops on land stewardship, how to relate to the land, the elements, connecting with the ancestors, etc.

I am a creative self-starter, a business woman for the past 25 years, working as a consultant primarily to non-profit organizations whom I serve with my skills as a facilitator, community researcher and trainer. One of my areas of expertise is violence against women.  I am a former CBC Radio-Canada journalist and an award-winning author.

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