Shamanic Pilgrimages

Awaken Wisdom through the
Sacred Resource of Pilgrimage

Join a community of fellow travellers on journeys to ancient sites with contemporary wisdom keepers.

What's New?

Two one-day Shamanic Workshops, June 23-24, 2018. Read more.

Lori's Chronicle of our 2018 Scotland Pilgrimage April - May, 2018

A day-by-day account.

Eilean Munde  

A side-pilgrimage to pay hommage at the graves of some ancestors.  

Reflections on Pilgrimage and Traveller's Joy tours by David Cameron.

Moving Mandala Manual coverBIG NEWS: The Moving Mandala Manual eBook!

The Manual for our Moving Mandala shamanic training program is now put together in one beautiful document available for anyone to purchase and download.

The Manual replaces and augments the course handouts which were previously sent to participants by email.

Even if you are unable to attend one of our programs in person, The Moving Mandala Manual is designed to help you move forward in your own shamanic practice.

Click here to read more and to purchase.

In our blog:

The Glow of Twylights

After the journey: beautiful ambient lighting created by David Cameron.

Remembering the June 2012 Moving Mandala in Eastern Ontario

The Journey Continues after the Session

Self care between the sessions of shamanic work.

Shamanic Permaculture

Starhawk's monumental contributions

The Dragon as an Ally

A resource of energy as part of our own and the earth's changing, dynamic nature.

Calling In a Container

Basic shamanic hygiene

Video Series: Sovereignty of the Land

Videos by Patty Creighton from her trip to Ireland with Nancy in 2014.

Ireland 2015 Review

On the Traveller's Joy Facebook page, you will find Nancy's review of the pilgrimage to Ireland in October 2015, as well as some sets of photos.

The photo of Nancy at right was taken in October 2015 at Hill of Ward, Meath Co, Ireland. The name of the thunder goddess, Tlachtga, is on the gate. This is the place where Samhain is supposed to have originated in Ireland.

Check out our blog, "Notes from The Journey"

We have been assembling a range of material in the new "Notes from The Journey" section. There are pieces that Nancy has written over the years about her shamanic practice, a gallery of altars, the archives of the Shamanic Convergence gatherings held in Nova Scotia from 2009-2012, books, inspiring quotations, etc. Over time, as patterns emerge, this section will take on a more defined shape. Meanwhile, you are welcome to explore what is there so far. A list of categories can be found below the menu once you are inside the new section.

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Nancy SheerwoodBased in Canada, Traveller's Joy has taken groups and individuals on shamanic tours to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Iceland and Mexico. Tours are led by Nancy Sherwood, who founded Traveller's Joy in answer to the deep yearning so many people express for connection and a sense of belonging on the planet.